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61 Ethereum NFTs pledged from 22 ETH NFT collections took a 'MidJourney' to the Bitcoin blockchain tand were inscribed as Ordinals.

This historic collection was inscribe on March 7 for Women's History Month with the goal to unlock the world of cryptocurrency through the power of NFTs.

Let's Make History

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For tHe culture

This 11 piece Ordinal collection will serve as a representation of this pivotal moment in Bitcoin's history.

We are not only opening the doors to a decentralized economy, but paving the road. Join the movement and own your piece of Bitcoin history.

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*collectors receive Hi-Res Bitcoin NFT

crypto quest

ordinal collection

A 7 piece Ordinal collection based on the story of Frank, a cryptocurrency gamer, who stumbled upon a mysterious game, "CryptoQuest," where virtual fortunes are made in the cryptocurrency market. With his gaming skills and real-life knowledge, he becomes a sensation, winning big within the game. As his success spreads, Frank takes a leap of faith and invests his virtual wealth in real-world cryptocurrencies, becoming a multimillionaire overnight. His journey inspires others and bridges the gap between virtual and real-life wealth, showcasing the power of knowledge and seizing opportunities.

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Bitcoin ordinals 101

your entry point into the world of bitcoin ordinals and inscriptions with co-founder of coinkings, Mike D.


Watch CQ Founder, Heather Doyle, create an NFT for Pennies and airdrop via email to all attendees

Create ART WITH Artificial intelligence

Watch this quick tutorial on how to use mid journey AI to transform your images into whatever you can imagine.

CQ Journal

CoinQueens is committed to bringing you up to date tools and resources to integrate web3 into your business. we cover industry events, investing as well as founders we are supporting.

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meet your new network

Nadia M.

Founder of MetaHers

Hospitality Management Expert focus on building experiences to onboard more women to the Metaverse Web3 NFT Crypto

Natalie Z.

Hea d of N.A. Success Canva

NFT INVESTOR | Crypto investor since 2014 | NFT Strategy | Tech Leadership | previously @ Microsoft

Janelle p.w.

head of product valence digital

extensive experience in creating Marketplaces & leading expert in digital advertising and data.

Linda Rey

Founder of bizglith

Resourcefulness is Sexier than Helplessness | Marketing Maven | Life-Long Insurance chick (in denial) | Relentless Problem-Solver | EIDL Expert | YouTuber

jessie A.

Marketing ops and analyst

Passionate about making an impact in #web3 | #blockchain | #metaverse | SheFi Cohort 7 | Future Proof Cohort 1

Adaeze i.

education & investing advisory

Multitalented Woman in STEM | Web3 Investor | Sustainability Enthusiast | Advocating for African Women | Founding Team @womeninweb3

Hermine B.

co-Founder miss o cool girls

creative director and artist | Creative Problem Solver | Tech Savvy | Up for a Design Challenge

Elke Y.

storyteller, writer

community manager | Venatores @Galaxiators | Here to merge writers with the NFT world Contrary to me looking angry.

Lawanda e

founder black creators dao

Blu3 DAO Education Contributor | Educator | Lover of Knowledge | Web3 Investor

Debra N.

Co-founder three spaces

founder of womxn + Crypto | co=creator elgs & ledgers | curator for Verse Immersive NFT Gallery | OG Curator for the hug

Davida G.

Marketing automation expert

innovation in cross-channel brand and marketing campaigns | graphic designer turned developer and email marketer | strategic real-build experience with roots in design and CX.

Rachael S.

Web3 growth hacker

Regulatory Degen.

Head of Social @INX_GROUP Community Curator @thehugxyz.

Dog mom to Sevro

...and many more HERE

Web3 investor, creator and educator. Unlocking the world of cryptocurrency through the power of nfts.

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